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Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate

At arya samaj mandir, we provide instant  a valid marriage certificate just after complete the marriage to married couple which is the poof of the marriage. If you want to register your marriage in the marriage registrar office you can apply for marriage registration on the behalf of this marriage certificate.

arya samaj marriage certificate online

Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate- After solemnizing marriage, Legal Marriage Certificate is issued by our Arya Samaj Temple, immediately to the couple which is legally valid  all over India. This Certificate is issued from Arya Samaj Temple declaring that the couple is now married and they are legally Husband and wife.

Almost all Arya Samaj Temples, which solemnize marriages, normally issue the Marriage Certificate immediately after the marriage is taken place.  There are many advantages of this Marriage Certificate, for example;  to get the marriage registered, securing loan facilities, Securing Family Visa and taking a house on rent etc.

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