How Is Arya Samaj Marriage Done ?

Arya Samaj marriage is a wedding ceremony that follows the principles and rituals of the Arya Samaj, a reform movement in Hinduism founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in the late 19th century. Arya Samaj emphasizes the rejection of idol worship and encourages a focus on Vedic teachings and values.

how is arya samaj marriage done ?
how is arya samaj marriage done ?

The procedure of marriage in Arya Samaj Temple according to Arya Samaj ritual is very simple. You may please contact Shri. Harveer Shastri on his mobile Nos.08585988301 09891065166 and get all the necessary information about the marriage procedures as per Arya Samaj rituals. You can book the marriage date on any day on Mobile or by personal visitation. You can get married in Arya Samaj Temple on any day because we do not observe any holiday.  If you desire to visit and see the Temple before marriage ceremony, you are most welcome, and at the same time you can fulfill all your documentary requirements regarding the marriage during this visit.

You need to have some documents in order to get married at Arya Samaj Temple such as; (1) Age certificate ( like-10th class certificate, birth certificate etc.). (2) Proof of Residence (like- Identity Card, AdhharCard, Ration Card, Driving License etc.). (3). 4 photographs of each party (Boy and Girl). (4) 2 Witnesses – All witnesses must have Identity Card, Adhhar Card or Driving License.  You can come over to our Arya Samaj Temple, Harit Vihar for Marriage at any day. We solemnize Marriages all seven days of the week. While solemnizing marriages according to the Arya Samaj rituals, main attention is paid on the documents and age of the boy and girl, and their addresses. For marriages solemnizing in the Arya Samaj Temple, the age of the boy must be above 21 years and the age of the girl must be above 18 years.

Arya Samaj marriages are relatively simple and devoid of elaborate rituals. Here’s how an Arya Samaj marriage is typically conducted:

Invitation and Consent: Both the bride and groom provide their consent for the marriage, and their families also need to agree to the marriage.

Declaration of Intent: The couple and their families assemble at the Arya Samaj temple or a designated place. The priest, or officiant, explains the purpose and significance of marriage, and both the bride and groom declare their intent to marry each other.

Vedic Mantras: The priest recites Vedic mantras (hymns) from the Rigveda during the ceremony. These mantras are chanted to invoke blessings and to sanctify the marriage.

Saptapadi: The bride and groom take seven symbolic steps together, representing the seven vows and promises they make to each other. These vows are based on principles of mutual respect, love, and companionship.

Exchange of Vows and Garlands: The couple exchanges vows, promising to support and care for each other throughout their lives. They also exchange garlands as a symbol of acceptance and mutual respect.

Declaration of Marriage: The priest confirms the marriage by announcing that the couple is now married according to the Vedic tradition.

Fire Ceremony: A fire ceremony, called the “Havan,” might be performed, during which offerings are made to the sacred fire while reciting mantras. The fire is considered a witness to the marriage and a symbol of purity.

Signing the Marriage Certificate: A marriage certificate is usually signed by the couple, the priest, and a few witnesses. This legal document serves as evidence of the marriage.

Blessings and Prayers: The ceremony concludes with prayers and blessings for the couple’s happiness, prosperity, and a harmonious life together.

Simple and Austere: Arya Samaj marriages are characterized by their simplicity and adherence to Vedic principles. There are no elaborate rituals or ceremonies, and the focus is on the couple’s commitment to each other and the teachings of the Vedas.

It’s important to note that Arya Samaj marriages are recognized under the Hindu Marriage Act, and couples who wish to have an Arya Samaj marriage can register their marriage legally. The exact details of the ceremony might vary based on local customs and preferences, but the core principles of simplicity, Vedic mantras, and meaningful vows remain consistent.

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हिंदी में जानकारी

आर्य समाज मंदिर

यह आर्य समाज मंदिर दिल्ली के उत्तरी क्षेत्र में स्थित है ,यहाँ पर शादी ,पूजा  और हवन कराये जाते है। इसके आस पास केचर्चित स्थान जैसे वजीराबाद , मुख़र्जी  नगर और दिल्ली  विश्वविदालय ( नॉर्थ कैंपस ) हैं।

 यह आर्य समाज मंदिर आर्य  समाज द्वारा रजिस्टर्ड है। यहाँ पर Love marriage, Inter caste Marriage, Inter religion marriage and arrange marriage  संपन्न कराई जाती है।

Marriage Procedure Documents/Paper

आप किसी भी दिन फोन से या आर्य समाज मंदिर में आकर अपने विवाह के दिन कि तारीख बुक करा सकते है। आर्य समाज मंदिर में विवाह करने के लिए आपके पास कुछ कागजात होने चाहियें । आर्य समाज मंदिर में विवाह  करने के लिए लड़के की उम्र 21 वर्ष से अधिक तथा लड़की कि उम्र 18 वर्ष से अधिक होनी चाहिए ।

(1)AGE PROOF: 10th class certificate, pan card, birth certificate, Passport, driving license, voter I-card, ration card, college I-card. (2) RESIDENCE PROOF: Driving license, Domicile certificate, service I card, rent agreement, Voter I-card; ration card, passport, bank passbook, and phone or electricity bill. (3) AFFIDAVIT: Two affidavit, one of boy and one of girl  (4) PHOTO: 8-8 passport size photo of both boy and girl (Separate Photo) (/Christian then 8 photos) (5) WITNESS: (ONLY TWO WITNESSES FROM ANY SIDE OF BOY OR GIRL) Two witnesses With Id proof like voter I-card, driving license, passport, and ration card. Marriage certificate/Registration आर्य समाज मंदिर में आर्य समाज विधि एवं वेदिक मंत्रो के साथ विवाह संपन्न किये जाते हैं। विवाह  संपन्न होने  के तुरंत बाद विवाह प्रमाण पत्र दिया जाता है,  जो  पूरे  भारत  में  वैध (Legal)  होता  है   जिसके  आधार  पर  आप  चाहें तो विवाह का पंजीकरण (marriage registration)  भी करा सकते हैं। Timing: इस प्रक्रिया में एक से दो घंटे का समय लगता है। नकली मंदिरों से सावधान! - (Beware of fake temples!) HARVEER SHASTRI- 8585988301, 9891065166.
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